The Philosopher from Carnival Island

"NOTHINGNESS" References in The Philosopher from Carnival Island

Sam Chahine (sechahi at

/the-delusion :

There is absolutely nothing. It is not that the void is filled with blackness, but that the infinite emptiness of the nothingness is expressed throughout the unlighted blackness. Coincidentally, there are no thoughts to perceive the blackness that so fills this eternal, desolate abyss of nothingness. There is no “you” to ponder the infinite nature of nothingness. There is no “you” at all. There is no “you”. There is nothing at all.

/the-awareness :

You are no one, you are no thing, you are no where, you are only ever aware, now and for no reason. What properties are able to describe the nothingness you express? The Oxford Dictionary defines the noun “property” as:

/the-awareness :

If you had to find nothingness, the simplest place to look for it would be where there is no thing. It is in the absence of all things, where no thing exists. Where is the absence of all things? No where. What does the path to nothingness entail? To not see any thing! Luckily for you, The Awareness, if the physical being of which you are aware chooses to close their eyes, you will become aware of an experience in which a physical being closes their eyes. In other words, you will become aware of nothing. Although thoughts may still appear, the physical being must learn to focus on neither the senses nor the thoughts, so that you, The Awareness, can become aware of absolutely nothing.